this wasn’t written by AI

Hi everyone, it’s Helen ☺️!

At the time of this blog’s release, my website will be live for one day. It brings me so much gratitude to know that this space exists.

Over the last 3-4 years, I’ve spent thousands of hours studying. I’ve studied books, courses, lectures, and videos on personal development, psychology, neuroscience, and habit formation.

I was driven by one question: what limits human potential?

Think, for a second, about the capabilities of our time. If I said to you, creators possess the greatest opportunities to thrive…what would you say? Perhaps, the most vehement statements I receive after I back this with data is: “yes, but…”

This was when I discovered: mindset plays a large part in a creator’s ability to realize their full human potential. A creator who possesses the self-confidence to execute, for example, is far more likely to do than a creator who may struggle with self-doubt.

This website is my grand, life thesis. My dedication is to help you, the creator, come away with the mindset tools you need to execute. What you do with the information I give you is up to you.

I am excited to serve you!




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